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This workshop examines various approaches to mentoring field experiences for teacher candidates.  Topics will include examining the role of a mentoring teacher, setting expectations, getting teacher candidates involved with students, helping teacher candidates reflect on their teaching, and engaging teacher candidates with inquiry projects. In addition, the requirements of different field experiences will be discussed.  Finally, special attention will be given to the utilization of teacher candidates to increase instructional opportunities for students and personal growth opportunities for teachers.

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Upcoming Meetings:

September 19, 2014- Communications and Connections, 10:00 AM - OU Inn

November 21, 2014- Communications & Connections- 10:00 AM - OU Inn

December 7-8, 2014- Appalachian Assets Conference, Shawnee State

March 27, 2015- Communications & Connections, 10:00 AM, OU Inn

May 15, 2015- Communications & Connections, 10:00 AM, OU Inn



The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education